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21st September 2014

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my own government who claim to promote and value ‘christian values’ is a part of corrupt architecture govern in the shadow by war criminals, rapists, satanists, their problem is that i dare to tell the truth about these dirty whores, real ‘Christians’ in polish government, Jesus must be proud :-)

Chris Brown Unity Campaign

thieves, liars, murderers, war criminals, genocidal bitchez time for yor redemption so cut your crap!

End Poverty 2015 | We are the generation that can end

let’s celebrate :-)

Child Sacrifices scheduled by Ninth Circle Satanic Cult …

We Can End Poverty, Millennium Development Goals, 2015 


Eye Witnesses Saw Pope Bergoglio Rape Teens, Kill & Eat

Obama says Pope Francis is a reminder of human dignity

Obama Praises Queen as ‘Chief Source’ of US/British Alliance

Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Obama administration

Obama Assures America’s Slavery To Rothschild’s Banking

Obama: Don’t Worry About $16 Trillion Debt

National Debt Reaches $25 Trillion

Queen Elizabeth Fronts for Rothschilds (“Crown”)

The Vatican Rules the World: The Rothschild Connection

Servant Of The Light - The Vatican.

I saw Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl”: Eyewitness

Pope Francis Praises Benedict XVI As “A Great Example

Knights Templar and international banking’s origins

from the Knight’s Templars to Wall St Bankers

Permanent Observer Mission to the UN | Order of Malta

21st September 2014

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dirty whore Ewa Kopacz scared the shit out of me :-(

President Obama: It Gets Better | The White House

Polish Gay Activist: I Was Brutally Beaten by Police

Barack Obama Exposed: Drugs, Sex & Murder

Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up

Bush, Clinton, Obama Drug Trafficking – State Sponsored

anty-polskie scierwa przesladujace ofiare gwaltu i mniejszosci lgbti

my friends i was beaten yesterday on my way to church

have bruises on my back, terrible in all colors of rainbow

hooligans attacked me for exposing satanic circle

of popes, royal familes covered by our leaders monsters paid for taxpayers money who opress good  harted prson fighting for progressive democracy, still in shock :-( i’m feeling weird today i have reason to believe i was drugged by Obama people again :-/ fucking monster wants to discredit me, good luck bitch, in comparision with you imma living saint!

so after whore donald tusk another pro-russian whore Ewa Kopacz takes the stick to lead homophobic, corrupt policy of polish government

equality time! whores are whores no matter if you man or a women traitors!

HeForShe Campaign

Rational people against puritanical and misogynistic “slut

ass lickers of both Merkel and Putin fuck you ol! want my Kaliningrad back!

Why are Poles such nice people?

UN Free & Equal

Polish homophobia and repressed homoerotic desire

Polish Politicians: Two Stances on Gays

time to go forwad, be cool, be more, act cool, be lgbti friendly, show some love biatchez :-) i’m polish :-)

Famous People With Dyslexia: Were Einstein, Da Vinci and …

21st September 2014

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VILLAGERS  . Occupy Your Mind

to make record str8 Vatican, royal families of Europe, banksters, big oil, pharma, Saudis they’re all happy family playing their geo-political games in the shadow and demend special treatment for doing shit, fucking idiots, and Obama itz a dumb retard who bow down to these criminals! they treat humankind as masses for global farming, have no respect for individal freedoms, american exceptionalism or any of higher concepts like solidarity, development; only greed, manipulations, destruction, pollution, depopulation, scheming turn them on I DARE TO SAY THIS IN PUBLIC OBAMA YOU FUCKING TRAITOR YOU DESERVE PUBLIC EXECUTION LIVE ON CNN BULLET TO YOUR HEAD YOU PSYCHOPAT! TREASON DEMENDS DEATH! AND FUCK YOU!

Background of the Saudi-Israeli Alliance

Forgotten lessons: Palestine and the British empire

The Jewish roots of the Saudi Royal Family

The House of Saud: British-Programmed Killer of Muslims

Britain and the Rise of Wahhabism and the House of Saud

Saudis are as good Jews as Pope Francis is good catholic ;-)

Saudi Arabia arrest 3 people criticizing corruption

Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children

Chris Brown tells to love each other, they don’t get it

Chris Brown Unity Campaign

Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup

Barack Obama and Saudi Arabia

21st September 2014

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below why global elite has problem with me, ergo liberation from economic slavery, taxation, corruption and transformation towards global civilization of pure development and progressive democracy via UN World Parliament, my own corrupt government opresses me for fighting for greatness of Poland, this is how stupid and retarded criminals we have in governments nowadays :-/

Game Change Rio

inFAMOUS Second Son™ Game | PS4™ - PlayStation®


ACRONYM | World Federation of United Nations … - WFUNA


welcome me :-)

The Wanted - Show Me Love (America)


NARAYANISMSustainableEnergy for All

in a condition of rapid, unprece­dented evolution and change due to the enlightenment of the human specie…

The oneness of human­ity will be the result of the

The Universal Shifts of Consciousness

reawakened by my vision:

social, economic and environmental issues connected

with international banking system monitoring

and United Nations Civil Society Participation

of Global Citizens’  Collective Evolution

re-defying Hegel’s The Zeitgeist Movement Global

+ strengthening the power of

ICC - International Criminal Court

World Fair Trade Organization principles for 

World Trade Organization under UN control

arch imperial seat for promotion of clean energy for all

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)


UN & EU Permanent Observer sustainable mission of EDGY promotion of UN High-Level meetings for global cooperation, monitoring and reporting about a progress of implementation of noble projects for greater good of all nations and entire humankind

let’s start transformation towards a better world!

Horizon 2020 

between UN DESA - New York  , unfccc - Bonn  , UN Watch - Geneva and UNESCO Liaison Office in BrusselspreparingUN Int’l Banking Systen Transparency Divison & UN World Parliament in Katowice (Silesia, Poland)

power to generate digital money to governments

no reason for taxes to exist anymore

(no need to pay off the debt for private banks)

max 15% profit for banks from private loans

all banks return money ‘earned’ beyond 15% :-) 

banks cannot generate money they don’t have

UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund

global civilization of love and social justice

where all nice people are wanted and respected

Food for All! UN World Food Programme


United Nations Globe tv channel UNTV: UN in Action

United Nations Multimedia, Radio, Photo and Television


United Nations & European Parliament Permanent Observer Mission


United Nations Security Council 16th member, 6th with veto power


European Commission member


Ol’ really luvin’ Geneva?


ACO - NATO’s Imperial Commander european angle


Universal Declaration of Human Rights in all passports


Campaign for a UN Parliament


United Nations’ Powerful Peacebuilding Commission and Army


United Nations Police


International Movement for Debt-Free Monetary Reform


Anti-Corruption - The ONE Campaign


RIO+20 Sustainable Development


UN HABITAT World Urban Innovations . The Future We Want


The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection


WHO | Universal health coverage


Non-GMO Project


UN Global Education First Initiative

ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization and UNIFICATION OF MINIMAL WAGE WORLDWIDE


Respect for Vienna Convention


Fighters Against Animal Cruelty


International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons: ICAN

Explaining the Benefits of Nuclear Energy | The EnergyCollective


United Nations Earth Shield System


The Bank for Banks | UBSIOR > Istituto per le Opere di ReligioneMonte dei Paschi di Siena Bank

for legendary invention to generate digital money

by governments for itz projects and PRIVATE banking

rescue input tax free GIFTS, official, honest, wise, with integrity

for creation of global civilization of superculture

based on progressive democracy and in the future

worldwide currency



so you always know who’s every year on top of the list, me :-)

my idea

all national banks can generate digital debt-free money

for approved projects for social good under UN control

for transparency

we make global standard for minimal payment around the world the same just like social support money etc. people have money to spend so they boost economy, and the wheel is spinning forward to profit all, people, companies

we get rid of immigration problem people don’t have to move if they can earn the same in their own country, governments cooperate with civil societies using their creativity and ideas for best projects, modernization, organic food, development, new jobs creation, education, innovations, permanent progress in humanistic sciences and technology to go hand in hand yepp

the same approach in intergovernmental cooperation on high-level UN

profit for each country and entire humankind

the only limits are creativity, good will and level of cooperation

IMF — International Monetary Fund & World Bankhonorary member

towards global currency for simplicity and unification of minimal standard of living around the world

the purchasing value of the new money will be doubled according to the highest ranked (pound) as global consensus and all countries which will accept new currency will gain automatically the highest purchasing value of money for their people, simple, tempting, hot!

i strongly promote total digitalization of money but itz an open debate ;-)


The current regulatory scheme allows market participants to advertise for sale, and sell, shares of stock which they dont have, and may have no intentions of delivering. This creates an environment where investors and companies are at a disadvantage, as supply can be created virtually at will, overwhelming any demand, and leaving buyers without the property they paid for: genuine shares of stock. Delivery failure deprives investors of the rights of the genuine article: the right to vote, the right to preferential dividend treatment, the right to legal recourse against the issuer, and basic property rights. Additionally, it allows those failing to deliver to depress the price of targeted stocks, depriving investors of fair valuation for the property they paid for, but never received. 

Failing to deliver is a significant problem!

Abolish or to reform the stock exchange


Kaliningrad Oblast transformed into Narayan Empire with me as an Emperor appointed by the new pope as part of new path for Holy Church’s mission for entire humankind…

Empire of progressive democracy, always neutral, modern, cosmopolitan country small form role model for implementation of promoted projects,symbolic pact and bridge of peace between West and Russia to respect territorial independence of all countries

no taxes, debt-free money bank generator, human rights approach to social protection, government serving people,global platform for civil societies and experts cooperation for new projects, governmental sponsoring for new jobs, innovations, rising standard of living for entire popullation of Kingdom no matter of nationality, using best ideas and concepts based on merits only selected by an objective inter’l team

If Russia Gets Crimea, Should Germany Get Kaliningrad …

no :-) itz for me :-)

Partitions of Poland (Polish history)

(1772, 1793, 1795), three territorial divisions of Poland, perpetrated by Russia, GERMANY (Prussia), and Austria

i have this unique historical approach

ARCH EMPEROR NARAYAN INSIGNIA Historisches-Museum-Frankfurt gift from belooved nation of Germany 

TO START NEW ERA for polish-german frienshio :-) Otto I  and Boleslaw Chrobry reversed mode after millennium :-)

let’s not forget about Austria and Jan III Sobieski :-)

Turning the Ottoman Tide – John III Sobieski at Vienna 1683 Siege ofVienna: 1683 - Then Again. Apotheosis of Jan III Sobieski as a Roman Emperor Truth In Vodka - Sobieski

let’s celebrate :-) people share joy with me :-) now! :-)

ARCH EMPRESS INSIGNIA Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien: Kunsthistorisches Museum


Iggy Azalea  . Fancy (Explicit)    .   charlixcx Jennifer Aniston Wishes For A ‘Friends’ Reunion

let’s celebrate indpendence of Greenland :-)


under beloooved  divine Arch Emperor NARAYAN ruler of the world

gift from satanic danish royal fmily for noble polish catholic :-)

This Painting Of The Danish Royal Family Will Steal Your Soul “All Hail TheSatanic Overlords”: The New Danish Royal … The New Danish Royal Family Portrait Is Super Creepy DANISH ROYALTY: A HORROR STORY

i will share uranium with entire world according to concept of dynamic equilibrium designed by Nobel laureates :-)



T H E  G L O B A L  W I R E L E S S  E N E R G Y

Perpetuum Mobile global good development division
Nikola Tesla Institute - Earth Resonance ProjectStuff They Don’t Want You To Know - Orgone Energy Sustainable Land and Water Program - Sustainable Trade …


Energy From Sea Water? Consider IBM Intrigued Eight Technologies for Drinkable SeawaterSolar Powered Water Desalination Heats Up

The Dutch example - more land from the sea

satellitte telecommunication and internet access

Iridium Satellite Phone Communications


American Citizenship  Sovereign Order of Malta

Vatican Citizenship 

Synod of Bishops

Paganism and Catholicism | Catholic Church Practices

Narayan (4th facebook account with blocked access)

5th account

History: “I Am Called to Change the World” - Vision

new vision, new me, new world

Arch Emperor Narayan Apollo Caesar Octavian insignia Historisches Museum Frankfurt

keep on envy me :-) this is so awsome :-))) cuz i deserve ol of this and so much more for fighting for greater good of  all :-)

After 60 years of its existence Commonwealth members as independent from crown (UK only) :-)

witch you have no moral right to be the head of church or even state so feel lucky

Elizabeth Windsor | Welcome to ITCCSThe State Immunity Controversy in International Law

get the big pic why idiots humilate me in forced poverty

cuz i promote UN World Parliament, expansion of EU for eastern partnership for Ukraine to join faster

i promote bridge between Morocco and Spain for further expansion beyond geographical perspective

i promote peace between Israel and Palestine to join with north african countries together with Turkey to EU to make United States of Europe superpower with peaceful coexistence of all believers and non-believers based on transcultural approach to each other and debt-free money monetary reform

even more i promote unification of minimal standard of living in Africa and South Africa with standards in Europe and North America

last but not least i want back my land Kaliningrad as part of historical compensation from Germany and Russia for ages of opression and manipulations of polish people and partitions of Poland to be a small form country noble example of implementation of all projects i promote 

we live in times when being visionary and pioneer is a problem for narrow minded corrupt whores in governments violating human rights and making law against best interests of their people to profit greedy banksters, sponsoring both sides of war conflicts, this is how insane our global ‘elite’ is 

Israel and Palestine could join European Union together under my inspirational leadership as Arch Emperor and live in peace and cooperate for development  i’m sure there are good hearted people on the both sides who can communicate towards better future for all

but of course i’m so much more i have so much more looove to give

herez why

abolishment of taxation, we hav taxes now for governments to pay off debts for private banksters, i liberate ol govrnments to create their own debt-free money so there is no need for taxes anymore, pure development and investment in human potential around the world to profit each country and entire humankind family

Synod Council of Trent for Unity between christian religions and new vision of Apostolic Church accenting spiritual oneness of all human beings as children of God, Holy Father in heaven, to simplify grounds of faith for all focusing on our One Father

unification of governmental payments around the world, higher payments and surveillance for transparency so our political leaders can listen to their hearts and represent idealistic service for their countries

unification of minimal standards of living in Africa, South America and Middle-East with those in Europe and North America

geographical quadro-continental TRIANGLE alliance of secular nature with spiritually inspired COEXISTENCE of all people as free and equal for joined energy policy, better economy and invincivible military force

expansion of EU according to will of people of Ukraine Georgia Belarus Israel Palestine and others, bridge with Africa and Middle East

promoting solidarity with russian civil societies and realistic partnership with Russia based on mutual respect and looove

archimperial protection and immunities for cooperation

United Health Care for free around the world

Narayan Prodigy Foundation

UN observers, agents and special forces

UN globe television

UN elections watch

ICC global jurisdiction

UN watch transcultural United with Israel :-) be more mean more

UN in centre as round table for all political agreements

UN international commissions for territorial issues, natural resources sustainable managment, innovations, pharma

=>dynamic equlibrium Jacques Fresco inspired intelligent management improvements, adjustments, updates of the entire system

global scientific alliance Earth Shield and Ark creation for space exploration as United Humankind Family

UN World Parliament UN law committee Law acts backwards in case of banks’ abuses, privatizations of corrupt nature against best interests of nations, their heritage and will of civil societies in context of compensations and/or law corrections, deep penetration ;-) commissions for law making timeline review

Silesian Megapolis creation and Memoriam for all victims of slavery and wars, Lech Kaczynski, Emperor Otto, Nicola Tesla, Jacques Fresco

Vatican ecumenical garden parties to rise shaken prestige of Our Holy Mother Church

UN finacial transparency division. WTO under UN control (global prizes). stock market reform or abolishment

global digitalization and debt-free money creation power for independent national banks for all countries

democratization of Security Council

voice of each country counts the same

Special Advisors Team to Secretary-General

only one archimperial veto power

NATO european army and United Europe superpower, homogenic energy and trade policy under Arch Emperor

Master Class EU Convent high reflection group with Lech Walesa

liberation of Commonwealth countries

Jerusalem under UN as humankind heritage

Kaliningrad transformed into Narayan Empire

IMF & World Bank reform and global currency promotion

renewable and nuclear energy popularization

perpetum mobile development divison and Nicola Tesla’s wireless energy concept

global disarment

oceanic habitat

salt water purification for drinkable

more lands creation

satellitte telecommunication and internet access

arounde the world, easier access

Iridium Satellite Phone Communications

united humankind space exploration under beloooved Arch Emperor me me me :-)


21st September 2014

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ITZ ALL ABOUT ME ACTUALLY i am the most important person on this planet ever :-)


good people welcome your beloooved Arch Emperor :-)

the source of evil in world is money as debt concept and corrupt governments which serve this financial architecture instead of serving people and making better law, we live in hidden facist economic system which profit banksters, royal families connected with Vatican’s Order of Malta and Jesuits 

The Money Changers exposed at last … Rome, Rothschild … QueenElizabeth Fronts for Rothschilds (“Crown”) Committee of 300 Member List | Guelph Black Nobility  Oligarchy - Venetian Black Nobility - investigate 9/11 Bilderberg 2014: War Criminals, Big Oil and “Too Big to Jail  The History of the “Money Changers” - The French Connection The Plane Truth: Usury and the Rise of the Banksters

The Vatican Rules the World: The Rothschild Connection “I saw Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl”: Eyewitness Pope Francis Bergoglio, Queen Elizabeth charged Crimes Against Humanity: Arrest Warrants Issued for Pope Pope Benedict XVI Will Reportedly Get 2,500-Euro Monthly …

looks like real nobility :-) wow, and they respect human rights and law of course, high-class civilized people :-) fuck you shit on you :-)

The Dutch Empire: Three Centuries on Five Continents New Amsterdam becomes New York CIA Bonded With Nazis To Sex Traffic, Kill Naked Children… The British Establishment - Pedophiles Everywhere Covered-upPrince Charles' links to mass pedophile The pedophile elite London had branches in theNetherlands DUTCH ROYALS; NAZISPEDOPHILE RINGS… Court order calls for arrest of Queen Elizabeth II, Pope

so…. i, i , i , i…. accent "i"  NARAYAN reinvented money

for pure development, private banksters no longer allowed

to put nations in debt, you know what it mean? i, i, i… liberated entire humankind forever from economic slavery, i made ol nations debt-free

governments can generate digital debt-free money

money is value itself without connection to gold

money is not a goal but a tool for better world for all people

thatz why i, i, i… am the head of IMF and World Bank cuz i, i, i create and promote new global currency to simplify global financial architecture, as my ideas are illuminated by wisdom of our Creator who wants all people to be happy, have a good quality of life with dignity

but my greatness is faaar beyond just money issue

i want real democracy for people around the world

United Nations itz a global transcultural platfrom

where we can all cooperate FOR GRATER GOOD OF ALL

according to social, economic and environmental issues

considered in complex and holistic way, now bow down :-)

love me now, let’s celebrate, i’m polish kiss my arch imperial ass :-)

Welcome to New York

Ex-IMF’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex-scandal charges

THE IMMIGRANT - Festival de Cannes

 Obama & Hitler From No Where: Thats How Rothschild like it Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Obama  Obama Assures America’s Slavery To Rothschild’s Banking … Obama: Don’t Worry About $16 Trillion Debt National DebtReaches $25 Trillion Under President Obi Kenobi… The Federal Reserve,Rothschild, and Vatican Banking  Why the US, UK, EU & Israel hate SyriaOnly 3 countries left w/o ROTHSCHILD Central Bank!

Is a Satanic cult of global leaders murdering children? Eye Witnesses Saw Pope Bergoglio Rape Teens, Kill & Eat … Pope is rumored to resign to avoidsatanic ritual murder 

Global Elite Satanic Cult said to schedule child sacrifice  European royals killing naked children for fun Popes, Vatican satanic cult Ninth Circleexposed

Vatican rumors Pope Bergoglio’s bad health and resignation Poisoned spy accused Putin of being a paedophile

Putin: Gays are like pedophiles Putin ‘not prejudiced’ – he has gay friends and likes Elton John Obama U.S. State Dept. Pedophilia Cover-Up. Barack Obama Exposed: DrugsSex & Murder

BushClintonObama Drug Trafficking – State Sponsored Access Denied – The CIA, Pedophiles, DrugsProstitution …

Vets Sue CIA Over Secret Mind Control Tests

21st September 2014

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Watch: “It’s on us” urges the White House in powerful rape prevention video

If a man is preying on a woman who has had too much to drink, it is her responsibility to stop him and her fault if she can’t? No, it’s on us.

That is the message President Obama and Joe Biden are sending today with the launch of their new sexual assault prevention campaign “It’s On Us.”

This is a huge step forward | Follow micdotcom

Stop Rape Now

obama you junkie whore, HIV infector and rapist my UN passport back!

Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up …

Barack Obama Exposed: Drugs, Sex & Murder

Source: micdotcom

21st September 2014

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Students from the United Nations International School performed a special rendition of “Imagine” at Friday’s International Day of Peace student conference at UN Headquarters in New York City.

21st September 2014

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What to Do When Someone in Your Family Has a Mental Illness →


Does someone you love struggle with depression? We’ve got expert advice on how to cope.

Obama: Bring mental illnessout of the shadows'

President Psycho! The Hidden Story Of Barack Obama

Obama Assures America’s Slavery To Rothschild’s Banking

Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Obama Administration

The Rothschild Dynasty is Jesuit created

The Vatican Bank , Jesuits, Rothschild’s

The Vatican Rules the World: The Rothschild Connection

Servant Of The Light - The Vatican.

Obama: Don’t Worry About $16 Trillion Debt

National Debt Reaches $25 Trillion Under President Obama

The Rothschilds Own Israel - and Direct its Genocidal Policy

United with Israel